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MC - MC470147-B
Bond - 1st. Security Financial
Trucks - 0

Rating: 2.15 out of 5 stars


Chattanooga, Tennessee

This company is a total fraud. They never picked up my car to transport and once we paid them they stopped taking our call or respond to our emails.

Julio Mateo from Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars

Super Service

Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Silva provided the best price for an encloseed carrier for my MG, and was able to handle things in a very timely manner. I was contacted within 2 days for pick up, and had the vehicle cross country 7 days later. Super clean enclosed rig with very professional driver. Nothing but the best!

Steve from Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars

This People Are Drooks

San Jose, California

I paid Silva a $200 deposit to bring by BMW from San Jose to Chattanooga TN. They quoted me $800 for the move. $200 deposit and $600 upon completion of move. The truck was supposed to pick up veh June 27 2009. I am still waiting. I just need a physical address so I can serve them with a small claim lawsuit for my $200 and loss of my car

Julio Batista from San Jose, California

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars

No Service Here

Dayton, Ohio

I contracted Silva Auto to ship my Harley from California to Dayton for a very low price ($550.00)...After waiting three weeks and getting no response from them I cancelled the order. It was a $200.00 down payment, $50.00 of which was non-refundable. I am curious how many of these they do in a year...$50.00 a pop adds up quick...Quite a scam they have going! Watch out!

Patrick from Dayton, Ohio

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars

Non Pick Up

Kootenai, Idaho

I contracted Silva to pick up a cycle I bought on E-Bay located in Kansas to be transported to Idaho. The rate seemed low at the time since all other quotes were $150 - 250 more. I thought I was getting a deal because I had transported a car from Indiana that cost me $850. One week went by - nothing; two weeks -nothing. I called and got "its a holiday and the drivers are a couple of days behind" - a standard answer I think now. three weeks - nothing. I call again - next answer- "we have two drivers coming west and expect a pick up in the next few days" - another put off. Finally, the four week ordeal was over and I could cancel the contract without losing my whole deposit - they kept $20 for putting it out on the internet. I went after the bike myself 1000 miles. If I knew these guys were so inept, I would have paid the extra $200 - I even offered a $100 bonus and nothing as a last resort. Either truckers don't or won't work for low bids or these guys don't have a very good network compared to other companies. Stay away from Silva.

George Marker from Kootenai, Idaho

Rating: 0.00 out of 5 stars


Tucson, Arizona

This company is a total fraud. They never picked up my bike to transport and once we paid them they stopped taking our call or respond to our emails.

Jimmie from Tucson, Arizona

Rating: 0.00 out of 5 stars

No Luck

Salt Lake City, Utah

Placed an order with them after they gave me the lowest bid on a transport. They were friendly to deal with when setting it up but after that I didn't have the greatest luck getting any sort of idea from them as to what if any chance I would have of getting my vehicle shipped. I let them have the required 30 days to try and find a pickup, they couldn't and never called me to tell me they couldn't. Instead I wound up flying across the country and doing it myself. I saved a lot of money incidentally doing it that way. Nothing terrible to say about SAT but nothing overly positive. I was trying to move a van from PA to UT. Perhaps it is just not a very popular route. Be aware they are just a broker service so you have no timetable or priority with them.

Eric from Salt Lake City, Utah

Rating: 2.50 out of 5 stars


Schertz, Texas

Don't waste your time or money, these people do not seem to have the capability nor the intent of doing anything but taking your money. I contracted them (foolishly), on June 22, 2007 to pickup and deliver my motorcycle. This is already 15 July and the bike was never picked up, nor scheduled for pickup. There is always an excuse. I need a good lawyer for a lawsuit. I'm sure there is a violation of a deception trade practices act. These people took business away from reputable brokers and carriers by under bidding, but not honoring their 7-10 day pick-up quote. They took my hard earnd money as well. Just returned from the middle east and this is what I get back in the U.S.A.!! Scam artists trying to rip me off. I'm shopping for a good lawyer, so if you know of one, let me know.

Mike from Schertz, Texas

Rating: 0.00 out of 5 stars


Zurich, Massachusetts

This is BY FAR the worst business transaction I have ever (attempted) to make. Originally I was not in a hurry, so I went with one of the lower prices and they said the shortest delivery time (1-1.5weeks). They never once called or emailed me, not one time. Every time I called them, I was told that my car would be moved in the next few days, or tomorrow or even the SAME DAY. I asked if this is scheduled and they told me, “YES”, it would move “For Sure” and they constantly told me “No problem, it’s scheduled to move”. After more than 3 weeks and many, many lies and finally being hung up on, I cancelled the order and found a MUCH better company. I understand it was a busy time for transporting cars, but that does not excuse the lies and discourteous conduct. It now seems obvious to me that this company just makes the lowest quote and shortest promises to get deposits and then does nothing. Then they wait for you to cancel and try to keep your deposit. Please don’t take just my word on it, read the reviews, check the BBB, see for yourself.

Ryan W from Zurich, Massachusetts

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars