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MC - MC320693-B
Trucks - 60

Rating: 3.27 out of 5 stars


Nevada City, California

i contacked das, on 6-12-08 to have a car moved,on 6-13-08 they removed the money for this service,from my visa, they said it would take up to 14 working days to pick up the car,this is 7-31-08 and the car is still sitting at the same place, their office will give me no answer to as to what is going on,??? they took my money and say they have no contrack with me, i got this shipper from e=bay, i am reporting this company to e=bay, my visa co, better bussiness in taxas,for steeling my money,when i call they will not talk to me, i would not send anyone to this company to do bussiness, no good shipper or company, is the way i feel

Tony Browning from Nevada City, California

Rating: 0.00 out of 5 stars

I Would Recommend DAS To Anyone

Boston, Massachusetts

Having had a bad experience previously shipping my car cross-country, I tried to find a more reliable service. I came across this company by reading epinions and also a man at my mom's company knew the brother of a man working for DAS. I figured I might as well try it out. While I realize many times it's random whether a car can get here in a week or two weeks, but I was lucky and instead of getting here in 14-16 days as expected, my car was received in 8 days right at my doorstep. I had terminal (Carson, CA) to doorstep (South Hadley, MA) service and I guess they said that the next truck would go out the next day so the total travel time would have been 7 days. They called me the day before arrival (when it got into New Jersey) and we agreed on a time that it would be around my area. The car was in the same condition I left it (a little dirty, but the guy said that they washed it and the next day it rained), a little dirty inside, but undamaged and working well. The driver gave me plenty of time to inspect the car and encouraged me to do so thoroughly. In general, the cost of shipping was slightly higher than other companies quoted me for (1176 including extra insurance), and the estimated time was slightly longer than my previous shipment (14-16 days)...but overall the transaction moved smoothly and I think it was worth the extra money. If you need to ship your car and Altogether, I think this has been a great experience, and from this experience I would recommend DAS to anyone :)

Stacy from Boston, Massachusetts

Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars

Good Experience

San Diego, California

I just had my 2007 ford explorer delivered by DAS transport to my home in Tampa. They picked up in Cleveland and 10 days later I received the car. It was pretty dirty from the trip but otherwise in good shape. Tom, the driver went out his way to get it delivered to my condo unit, given our street is not very wide. Overall I was happy. I spent about a week looking for a transporter, I ended up at this site Save364 and got a quote online ($853). I went on to book my vehicle through their form. It took me 20 minutes to fill out, but I am pretty slow. I have read about so many bad stories that I thought I would share a good one.

Mike Schriner from San Diego, California

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars

Minnesota To California

Anoka, Minnesota

we had a good experience with dependable.. their prices were either equal or better and we happened to get a minnesota company to service our needs. their office staff was courteous and always willing to answer my dozen questions i had. i WOULD recommend this company,

Kathie Guetzko from Anoka, Minnesota

Rating: 3.00 out of 5 stars


Reno, Nevada

Great company, very dependable. I initially tried Ultimate Logistics and they should be forced out of business-do not use them-beware, use Dependable Auto Shippers instead.

Heather Hendrix from Reno, Nevada

Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars

Good Experience Across Country

Chantilly, Virginia

I had an easy and successful shipping experience with DAS going from Southern California to Northern Virginia. It was a terminal to terminal ship, with a drop off location within 10 miles at the start and pick up within 20 miles of my destination. The ability to check on the progress was great. I could tell that my car would arrive before I did. I emailed the destination terminal with my pick up plans and it was clean and ready to go when I arrived.

Kris Hejna from Chantilly, Virginia

Rating: 4.50 out of 5 stars

Bad Experiance

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I wish I saw this website before shipping my car with DAS. So far the customer service is horrible, it was suppose to arrive yesterday in VA but shows its in transit at NJ, cust service agent says they dont knwo when it will get here but mentioned some one will call me to update - more than 1 day passed no one called and they kept disconnecting when I call them. Bad customer service over all.

Raj from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rating: 1.00 out of 5 stars

911 Turbo Florida To Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

I contracted with DAS through my agent for delivery of a 911 from Florida to Michigan. My move requirements were specific and DAS handled them nicely. Delivery was on time and the car was in excellent condition and clean when it arrived. My experience with DAS was excellent. The attention paid to my questions was prompt and exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated what I considered to be personal attention to my move and a real careing attitude from the Company. I would absolutely use DAS again. Mike W.

Michael Wills from Detroit, Michigan

Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars

Quite Satisfied

Richmond, Virginia

I was referred by another moving company to DAS. I also did some research online and got several quotes from different shippers and finally chose DAS. I settled down for the terminal-to-terminal service because of its relatively low price from CA to VA ($710). The whole experience was great, except for the confusing terms about the insurance and the inaccurate explanation (I didn't want to say he lied, but I felt a bit upset after I figured out what really was) by a sales representative located in TX. I was then in CA so I didn't know why my call ended up being answered by a rep. in TX. When I called to ask some questions close to 5pm TX time (that's probably about their closing time for the day) the sales rep. sounded quite impatient (I didn't realize I was talking to a person in TX). Basically there will be an up to $250 insurance if one doesn't buy anything extra, but there will be $100 deduction. I was told that for $89 dollars I would get a coverage of up to $50,000 without any deduction, but the fact was there's still a $100 deduction! Another little thing annoying was that I didn't get the payment receipt at the terminal as was told but had to call again to request it. I just wonder why they couldn't simply email it to me since they did send the contract this way already. Now let me talk about other things that are all positive :-). I dropped my car at the terminal in CA on a Thursday afternoon and got a call from the terminal in VA the following Tuesday. That's really fast! The service staff at the VA terminal gave my car a good wash before handing over to me. Another surprise. My experience at both terminals were great. They are professional and courteous. They gave my car a very careful visual inspection at the departing terminal. I didn't see any visible damage to my car upon receiving it. So all in all I'm quite satisfied with the service.

FS from Richmond, Virginia

Rating: 4.00 out of 5 stars


Minnetonka, Minnesota

Our car was damaged during a vacation, and we thought it best to ship it home so we could do some of the repairs ourselves. We chose DAS because we had read good reviews for them, their prices were reasonable, and they had a drop-point near our hotel. The car was already damaged, so we didn't spend money on the extra insurance. The car arrived without an additional scratch, and we were very satisfied with their professional service.

CB from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars